Real-time Secure Chat System

The Real-time Secure Chat System is a web-based project that allows real-time and secure data transfer that will ensure secure chatting between users with end-to-end encryption and point-to-point security in individual or group conversations with cutting-edge authentication and authorization mechanisms. This real-time chat web application will allow the users to share data with each other in real-time with foolproof security features without being viewed or hijacked by any third party while transmitting from source to destination. All the messages will be end-to-end encrypted using AES 256 Encryption Algorithm and point-to-point configured using JWT, this mechanism ensures the double encryption on the message. Users will be allowed to chat in their rooms and in global. Only the authenticated user /owner will be able to view his chats and can send to others. The database associated with application is also encrypted this means that we as developers of application are not also able to view user chats, only the intended receivers are able to decrypt the message no one else (including developers, agencies, or any middleman) cannot change or see the message by changing database or by hijacking the transmission.