Make your self-prepared for interview. Anticipate what kind of discussion will be held place, what kind of question will be asked, know your strength and Weakness, clear your objectives.


Make sure all the provided information is correct in CV and interview. We value talent and well come the right ones. ASH has very strict and transparent policy about hiring. Here are some tips which might be help full:

  • Good English and communication skills
  • Be straight about your CV and interview
  • Make sure that you came prepared and do a little search on internet about company
  • Convince in your interview how and why are you good fit for us
  • 3 Month Internship/probation is Compulsory for Everybody after Selection.
  • Increments in Salaries on performance basis.
  • Remote Work Facility.
  • Transparent Attendance.
  • Employee of Month / Year Awards.
  • Learning Opportunity in Daily Projects.
  • Provides experience certificates.